Welcome to My Site

I am married, have 3 sons, a daughter and 6 grandchildren.

My love of art goes back to the age of four.  My mother would give me paper plates so I could draw the mountains as we drove through them on our way from one coast to the other.

Art was always incorporated into any school project whether English Lit, Science, History and of course it goes without adding all the many Art classes available.

Now to the uncomfortable part of what I do..... I shy away from promoting myself, however, I am aware that people like to know a little about the person that they are dealing with and for that reason and that reason only I will list my acheivements. 


----Honored to be selected one of five art students to take a special course with the reknown Paul Dufour, listed in Who’s Who of Art  and a professor of Art at Louisiana State University.

----Freelanced at the World Trade Center in Dallas designing show rooms and windows for 10 years.  

----Invited by the Art’s Council in Natchitoches, Louisiana to do the Second Annual Limited Edition print for the Christmas Festival.  Print is exhibited in the State Capitol,  US Senators and Representatives offices in Washington DC and throughout the state of Louisiana.

----Years of  Graphic Design placed me in a position to design the Boys and Girls of America Fundraising Banquet brochures for a number of years.  Original art work was auctioned and raised over  $11 k.  I had the pleasure of meeting and painting such notables as Tom Landry and Jack Kemp.  Action candids of Julio Franco, Roger Staubach, Johnny Rutherford, and “mean” Joe Greene were auctioned as well. 

----Produced many Christmas Card Limited Editions for individuals and corporations alike. 

----Began painting murals 30 years ago.  Today they are in homes and businesses throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, North Texas, and neighboring states.  Teaming with an Interior Designer on Model Homes and Apartment Complexes throughtout the Metroplex we have won the prestigious Mac Sam award both times our work was submitted. 

----Custom art selections won first place awards when entered in the professional category of the Business Employees and Spouses On My Own Time Show in July, 2004 and July, 2005. The last art work entered several years later won Best of Show as well as First Place in the professional category.

----Work has been presented in the company of President George and Mrs. Laura Bush, Tom Landry, Emmit Smith,  Jerry Jones, Troy Aikman, Jack Kemp, Craig James, TD Jakes, and Roger Staubach. 

My home has become my canvas from it’s walls to it’s concrete slab whether faux stone or mural, nothing escapes the palete knife or brush. 

To Contact me: linda@linda-studio.com